Hello there!

Welcome! We are the MAKERS X TRADERS of Newcastle and we’re here to share our stories and present our wonderful independent business community to you.

Current Events

Join in.

As a newly formed not for profit association, we are working together to make a difference and we would like you to join. By joining you will be able to be part of our December activities created to get more people back into the City.

To join is easy.

We have 4 simple questions for you to see that our values are aligned and a membership fee of $15 per year.


Our current funding applies only to businesses within the above orange area. We are reviewing this area in the New Year, pending funding opportunities. 

Get on the map

Our group is currently working on a NEWCASTLE TREASURE MAP we hope to distribute to both tourists and also lapsed outerlying locals to entice them back into the city to visit our businesses. There have been some really successful maps in past but we have nothing currently available enabling people to find us and helping us recommend each other.


Our collective social media reach is MASSIVE. We have the potential to reach over 200,000 locals right now through Facebook and Instagram. We all know the power of social media to help launch events and showcase businesses, particularly at this time of year!

GET connected

We love community. As a part of Makers and Traders Newcastle, you will be able connect and engage with other local business owners. With social events and community planning, we can work together to make things better for everyone; the business owners, our customers and our families.

Who are the Makers X Traders?


We’re a group that began to meet over coffee to share our journeys, our aspirations and how we were faring in our rapidly evolving city.

Stories of community engagement, sustainable supply practices and the fostering of creative communities we found uplifting and fortifying in challenging times.

Ideas quickly began to emerge for projects that we could tackle as a group that were beyond us as individual businesses.

We are proud to be part of a city we believe has an incredibly creative DNA and would love to invite you become a member of our association.


FIll out our membership form to find out if you are eligible to join MXTN.