About us

The Makers x Traders of Newcastle is an independent business group working together to connect you with the vibrant, creative community of this City.

We’re a collective of like-minded businesses located in the inner-city of Newcastle that share a commitment to community engagement, sustainable supply practices and the fostering of creative communities.

Established in May 2019, we’re a newly formed not-for-profit organisation. By pooling our energies, we seek to access funding and partnerships, and work on projects that are beyond us as individual businesses. We are proud to be part of a city we believe has an incredibly creative DNA and we’re excited to share some of these stories with the world.

Get in touch

Please fill in the contact form with any enquiries. We may be a little slow to respond due to the fact that this association is volunteer-run by local businesses. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

Newcastle Treasure Map

The Makers x Traders NEWCASTLE TREASURE MAP is an insider’s guide to some of the best businesses to visit in this City.

Audio Trail

The Makers x Traders AUDIO TRAIL delves into the stories and goes behind the scenes on the people and places that gives this City its unique flavour.