Newcastle Treasure Map

The Makers x Traders NEWCASTLE TREASURE MAP 2020 is now released! Pick up your insider’s guide to some of the most interesting and inspiring places to visit in Newcastle.

NEWCASTLE is a beautiful peninsula city with a rich architectural heritage flanked by an incredible coastline and beautiful beaches. This is no secret! What you may not know is that it is also home to many creative enterprises — craftspeople, designers, artists, curators, culinary magicians, providores and sustainable warriors. Over time, these individuals have formed relationships, collaborating, supporting and encouraging one another which has culminated in a group called the Makers x Traders of Newcastle – that’s us!

Discover us on the Newcastle Treasure Map. We’ve divided the city into three areas, giving you an easy way to discover some of the best and most accessible parts of the City. While the map shows three separate maps, these three maps directly connect to each other in a continuous landscape.

PICK UP YOUR FREE COPY from the Makers x Traders businesses listed below, from inner-city accommodations and from the Newcastle Visitor Information Centre.

CREDITS • The NEWCASTLE TREASURE MAP 2020 is produced in collaboration with Heath Killen (Design), Rosie Turner (Illustration), Lee Illfield (Photography) and NCP Printing.

Makers x Traders Audio Trail

The Makers x Traders Audio Trail is for people, like you, who love to explore this City. Using the Newcastle Treasure Map, you can discover the independent and locally-owned businesses that make this place unique.